Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Fr. Jins Varacheril CMI, during his Holy Ordination and First Holy Mass in the Holy Cross Church, Mattathipara

I belong to the Varacheril Family from Mattathipara, a small, serene, unruffled village under the main village Kadanad in Lalam Taluk under the Pala Constituency in Kottayam district in Kerala State in 9.73 Latitude and 76.373634 Longitude. It consists of beautiful hilly areas and a toddle to any of the hills will take you to an extremely beautiful view point where you can see Manathoor, Pizhaku, Pala, Aruvithura and many other places. Panoramic view of these areas will be interminable and everlasting.

The Holy Cross Church, Gagultha (Mattathipara)
The name Mattathipara derives its name from its geographical features. It was Mattathipara which gave me the strong foundation. there is a small beautiful Church named "Holy Cross Church, Gagultha" where I used to go for prayers along with all other simple and hardworking people. For the Hindu population there is Sri Krishna Temple to adore and worship. All live in unison and harmony.
Holy Cross U.P. School, Mattathipara, is the only school for the children of Mattathipara which has given the knowledge foundation for most of the people over there including me. The days I spent there are still lingering through my mind.

When it comes to bus and transportation, Mattathipara could never get a permanent solution from any government until the people joined hands under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Padickakuzhiyil to buy a bus "of the people, by the people and for the people" and it was named "JANAKEEYAN" means "OF THE PEOPLE".

The nearest towns are Pala and Thodupuzha and Mattathipara is almost at the middle of these two towns. Any bus from Pala to Thodupuzha or vice versa  can reach one to places Karimkunnam or Neeloor, the adjacent small towns from where one can get conveyance to Mattathipara. People can also reach Mattathipara via Ettumanoor Railway Station, Kuruppanthara Railway Station or Kaduthuruthy Railway Station.

There are many shops for the people to get the things and people go to towns like Thodupuzha, Pala, Kottayam, Ernakulam etc for major shopping. Mattathipara has a Post Office (PIN 686651) and a branch of The Kadanadu Co-operative Bank. Most of the people are farmers and hence rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

Footing within my limitations I wish to contribute my best to my Matttathipara. I wish to delve into its depth to explore the hidden gems and bring them to the coming generations.


Prince Mattathipara

ദി പ്രിന്‍സ് 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


THE PRINCE: TRUE FRIENDSHIP: A MIRAGE?:                              The most famous quote about friendship says “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Here, the doing word i...


                             The most famous quote about friendship says “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Here, the doing word is ‘need’, the word that defines a true friendship. Therefore, my question is, is there anything called a real friendship? Are all friendships in relation to the “need” that if anyone is totally useless, at present or in the future, will she/he be considered a friend? If yes, then why are there no rich as friends for the poor? If no, then is the term FRIENDSHIP a mirage, an ideal which exists only in imagination or metaphysical?
                           The rich join hands with only the rich and influential, the middle class with the middle class and the like. A close gaze at all the friendships one can find a give and take policy that binds it. The more the satisfaction of mutual “need”, the stronger the friendship is. It simply means that any relation is valuable; any friendship is valuable, only when there is any USE. The rich never join their poor relatives or neighbors because they are of no USE.
                        There are people who claim to be interested in making friends and claim it to be their weakness in life. They do all thousands of things to get the trust of others and make maximum number of friendships and relations within a short span of time wherever they go. A deep introspection is asked from you to check how many of them have been sincere?
                           Are all friendships curse in disguise? Is it just an adjustment done in a society or community for a smooth living? Is it just a search for people who are of one’s USE for one’s NEEDS?

  Everyone has an ideal friendship in mind and searches for a true friend. Is it just a mirage?